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Chicken Wellington
Chicken with Peppercorn Sauce
Chicken with Cherries and Sour Cream Sauce
Chicken with Lemon Dill Sauce
Chicken with Sweet Potato Pilaf
Chicken with Wine and Vegetables
Chicken with Shallots and Sundried Tomatoes
Chicken with Snow Peas
Chicken with Citrus Cream Sauce
Chicken with Onion Marmalade
Chicken with Tarragon Sauce
Chicken with Mustard Relish
Chicken with Orange Sauce
Chicken with Olive and Caper Sauce
Chicken with Mushrooms and Balsac Vinegar
Chicken with Pork
Chicken with Apples
Chicken with Peanut Sauce
Chicken with Green Grapes
Chicken with Nectarines
Chicken with Peaches
Chicken with Artichokes and Peppers
Chicken Wild Rice Salad
Chicken with Green Pepper and Cashews
Crusty Cheddar Bread
Chicken with Apricot Salsa
Chicken with Dill Sauce
Chicken with Cream Sauce
Chicken with Dumplings
Chicken with Ginger Sauce
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings Valencia
Chicken Wings in Five Spice
Chicken Ya-Hah!
Chicken Yellow Rice
Chicken, Mushroom, Stove Top Stuffing Casserole
Chicken-Chili Cheesecake
Chicken-Flavored Rice Mix
Chicken-In-A-Corn Bread Pocket
Chicken-Pecan Cheese Spread
Chicken/turkey and Mushrooms Parmesan
Chili Blanco Especial
Chili Chicken
Chilled Herb Fried Chicken
Chinaberry Salad
Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad
Chinese Lemon Chicken
Chinese: Orange Chicken
Choice Chicken Curry
Chopped Liver (Sulsum Sine Sulso)
Chunky Chicken Salad
Chunky Chicken Rice Soup
Chunky Soup
Chutney Chicken Salad
Cinnamon Honey Wings
Citrus and Red Onion Chicken
Citrus Chicken and Rice Teriyaki
Classic Chicken Saute
Classic Chicken & Coconut Soup
Coca Cola Chicken
Cockentrice (A Marvelous Beast)
Apple-Cheddar Muffins
Coconut Chicken Curry
Coconut Chicken
Cola and Catsup Chicken
Cold Chicken with Lime Dressing
Company Curried Chicken
Continental Chicken
Cook's Treat Chicken
Coq Au Vin (Chicken in Red Wine)
Coq Au Vin (Chicken in Wine)
Cornish Hens Stuffed with Wild Rice
Country Chicken with Creamy Gravy
Country Chicken
Country Fried Chicken
Country-Style Chicken Casserole
Crab Stuffed Chicken
Crazy Chicken
Creamed Chicken and Fettuccine
Creamed Chicken on Cornbread
Creamy Cannelloni with Chicken and Almonds
Golden Cheddar Corn Bread
Creamy Chicken Casserole
Creamy Chicken Tarragon
Creamy Chicken Breasts
Creamy Chicken in Phyllo Cups
Creamy Chicken Broccoli Noodles
Creole Chicken Wings with Peach Mustard Sauce
Crisp Deviled Drumsticks
Crispy Chicken Bites
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken (Weight Watchers Magazine)
Chili-Cheese Bread
Crispy Chicken with Parmesan Tomatoes
Crispy Chicken Wings
Crispy Lemon-Fried Chicken
Crispy Potato Chicken
Crockpot Bbq Chicken
Crockpot Dressing
Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Wings
Crusty Parmesan Wings
Cuban Farm Style Chicken
Curied Cashew Chicken Salad with Mango and Cashews
Curried Chicken Breasts (Oven Bag)
Curried Chicken Salad (Sen. Bond-Missouri)
Curried Chicken Salad
Curried Coconut Chicken Balls
Czechoslovakian Liverballs
Deadman's Chili
Deep-Dish Chicken Pie
Deviled Bones - Chicken Wings
Deviled Drumsticks
Dijon Chicken
Dijon Chicken Salad Sandwich
Dilled Chicken Paprika
French Toast Cheddar Sandwiches
Dilled Chicken Pot Pie
Dip N' Bake Chicken
Dixie Fried Chicken
Do Ahead Chicken Casserole
Down on the Farm Fried Chicken
Drunken Chicken
Dumplings Iv
Easy Bar-B-Que Chicken Casserole
Easy Chicken and Rice
Easy Chicken and Dressing
Easy Chicken Florentine
Easy Harvest Drumsticks
Egyptian Kebabs
Elizabeth Andoh's Gingery Fried Chicken
Empress Chicken Wings
Evil Jungle Prince with Chicken (Or With Mixed Vegetables)
Exner Chicken
Exner Chicken Revised #1
Fabrizio's Poached Chicken with Cucumber Glaze
Fake Fried Chicken
Fake Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipes
Fast Chicken Fiesta
Festive Honey-Pecan Chicken
Fettuccine with Chicken-Pepper Sauce
Fiesta Chicken, Low Cal
Fiesta Chicken Roll Ups
Florida Chicken
Forty Clove Chicken Filice
French Twist New England Boiled Dinner
French-Style Chicken Fricassee
Cheddar Braids
Fricassee of Chicken (Low Calorie)
Fricasseed Chicken

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