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Chicken and Cracked-Wheat Salad
Chicken and Gravy
Chicken and Sausage with Rice
Chicken and Apple Saute
Chicken and Bean Soup
Chicken and Cortland Apple Couscous
Chicken and Pear Salad
Chicken and Pasta with Jalapeno And Tomato Dressing
Chicken and Broccoli Bake
Chicken and Pasta Salad
Chicken and Sausage Stew
Chicken Apple Salad
Chicken Au Grand' Marnier
Chicken Barley Soup
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Booyah
Chicken Breasts Au Citron
Chicken Breasts with Curried Stuffing
Chicken Breasts with Lime & Cilantro
Chicken Breasts Bonne Maman
Chicken Breasts in Cranberry Sauce
Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Bacon
Chicken Breasts Paprika
Chicken Breasts with Apple Brandy
Chicken Broccoli
Chicken Breasts with Blue Cheese Stuffing
Chicken Breast Piccata
Chicken Breasts with Cheese and Herbs
Chicken Breast Wellington
Chicken Breasts Tarragon
Chicken Broccoli Divan
Chicken Breast with Rhubarb Sauce
Chicken Breasts Parmesan
Chicken Breast with Yogurt and Lime
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Herb Cheese and Wild Mushrooms
Chicken Breast in Cream Sauce
Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Sausage and Pecans
Chicken Breasts with Tomato Sauce
Chicken Breasts Geneva
Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms and Marsala (Microwave)
Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar
Chicken Casserole
Cheddar Biscuits
Cheddar Pinwheels
Cheddar Bread Ring
Chicken Casserole, Lone Star
Chicken Cardinale
Cheesy Corn Bread
Chicken Charlemagne
Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken Chasseur
Chicken Cilantro
Chicken Club Sandwiches
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Coating Mix
Chicken Croquettes
Chicken Crescent Rolls
Chicken Creole
Chicken Cutlet Supreme
Chicken Cutlets with Lemon
Chicken Delight
Chicken Dijon
Quick Cheddar Bread
Chicken Dumplings with Spinach and Sultanas
Chicken en Casserole
Chicken Fillets in Tomato Wine Sauce
Chicken Florentine
Chicken Fruit Salad in Pineapple Boats
Chicken Fricassee - Low Fat
Chicken Gan Eden
Chicken Gismonda
Chicken Gloria
Chicken Hash with Biscuits
Chicken in Mustard Cream Sauce
Chicken in Lime Butter
Chicken in Nut Sauce
Chicken in White Wine Sauce
Chicken in the Skillet
Chicken in a Skillet
Chicken in Mole Sauce
Chicken in Wine Sauce
Chicken in the Pot
Chicken in Tomato Marsala Sauce
Chicken in Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce
Chicken in Lemon-Plum Sauce
Chicken Jambalaya
Chicken Jerusalem (Covered Bridge Restaurant)
Chicken Kabobs
Chicken Korma Curry
Chicken L' Vernors
Chicken Lemonaise
Chicken Legs, Bell Peppers and Sausage
Chicken Limone
Chicken Loaf
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Madras
Chicken Marinated with Grapefruit
Chicken Macaroni Casserole
Chicken Medaillons
Chicken Milanese
Chicken Mix
Chicken Monterey
Chicken Mousse
Chicken Morocco
Chicken Mushroom Saute
Chicken Mushroom Pie with Dill Crust
Chicken Nicoise
Chicken Normandy
Chicken Noodle Soup New Orleans Style
Chicken Noodle Yogurt Soup
Chicken Obeidos
Chicken or Turkey Mornay on Broccoli
Chicken Patties
Chicken Paprika with Dumplings
Chicken Paprikash
Chicken Peach Casserole
Chicken Pinwheel
Chicken Pita, Cucumber Salad, Ice Tea
Chicken Piccata
Chicken Pineapple
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie with Vegetables
Chicken Popovers
Chicken Pot Pie with Herbs
Chicken Provencal
Chicken Ranchero
Chicken Regency Salad
Chicken Rice Casserole
Chicken Roasted with Parsley
Chicken Romano
Chicken Saute Archduke
Chicken Salad
Chicken Saute with Peanut-Orange Sauce
Chicken Salad #2
Chicken Sesame Salad
Chicken Shortcake
Chicken Souffle
Chicken Spaghetti - Crockpot
Chicken Stuff-A-Roni with Cheese Sauce
Chicken Stroganoff
Chicken Supreme
Chicken Tarragon
Chicken Tetrazzini
Chicken Tetrazzini Bake
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Veal Sausage
Cheddar Fans
Chicken Veronique
Chicken Vinaigrette with Mushrooms
Chicken Waterzoii

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